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Praktika theatre, Moscow
June 27, 2014
Curator - Antonina Baever



Working model of n.o.


Object; C-print on archival paper, 40х30; A4 copy

Text by Ekaterina Lazareva:

On October 12, 1981 the Leningrad artists Timur Novikov and Ivan Sotnikov during installation of an exhibition found a hole in the exhibition stand, which received the name "Null object" and was accompanied by the corresponding label. The artists announce also "The decree G 7№0 of the Null Culture Head Department of 12.10.1981", then the declaration "Null Object". On October 17 on request of organizers of the exhibition the Null Object was officially closed, Timur Novikov creates the Null Object working model and duplicates it. As Ekaterina Andreyeva writes, "the original of N.O. is irrevocably lost, but its action is strengthened by all new and new acts of the copying, multiplication of "working models"". (See E. Andreyevf. Timur Novikov and Ilya Kabakov. All and nothing)




Timur Novikov, Ivan Sotnikov. Null Object. 1982


Ekaterina Lazareva. Found working model of n.o. Hamburg. 2014


Ekaterina Lazareva. Working model of n.o. 2014. View of installation




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