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KINO-FOTO-LYUDOGUS. Mayakovsky and art avant-garde of the world in documents and cinema-materials
NCCA, Moscow
May 16 - June 18, 2013
Curators - Galina Antipova, Vitali Patsukov



Rise windows


C-print on adhesive film, 15668, 2 works

Text by Ekaterina Lazareva:

Two graphic compositions with quotes from Mayakovskii are placed in the NCCA windows. However unlike Mayakovskii's ROSTA windows, they are turned not to passersby, but to those, who are inside. The quotes are perceived as an element of design and are a peculiar inoculation of Futurism to the National Center for Contemporary Art.

Turning Around Forward
(text from the exhibition catalog):

Walter Benjamin in his famous essay On the concept of History describes his favorite picture Angelus Novus by Paul Klee representing an angel with a sight turned towards past, while the gale-forced wind rush from paradise unruly bears him to future. Likewise the future inevitably overtakes mere mortals, however, our look turned into the past can happen to be turned into the future. As in Marina Tsvetaeva's well-known remark about Mayakovsky: "For us and maybe for our grandsons it is necessary to turn over Mayakovsky not back but forward".



Ekaterina Lazareva. Rise windows. 2013


Ekaterina Lazareva. Rise windows. 2013


Ekaterina Lazareva. Rise windows. 2013




Ekaterina Lazareva